Goal Posts GraphicTailgate 2014 is coming up soon – October 3, 2014, to be specific. Thanks for stopping by the site and learning more about the upcoming event. The Media Commons team is hard at work putting together a great agenda for this latest round of Tailgate and will be publishing the full schedule within the coming weeks. Coming to Tailgate? Register today!

As digital media plays an increasingly important role in the instruction faculty provide and the educational opportunities students expect, higher educational institutions are faced with a growing need to provide services to support this, both in terms of technology platforms and the pedagogy necessary to effectively leverage those platforms. The Media Commons Tailgate is a highly interactive, one-day event focused on exploring the possibilities for digital media in teaching and learning.  Learn more about Tailgate 2014 today by exploring the site.

Looking Back: Tailgate 2013

Tailgate’s 2013 theme was “Branching Out”, a call for attendees to think about where the future of Media Commons and media technologies in teaching and learning might be going based on where we are, right now.

The conference was held on Friday, October 4th, 2013 at the Knowledge Commons at Penn State’s University Park Campus.

Looking Back: Tailgate 2012

Tailgate’s 2012 theme was “Rediscovering Our Roots” and attendees had an opportunity to reflect with us on the history of Media Commons – and how that history informs the future of multimedia in the classroom.

The conference was held on Saturday, October 13th, 2012 at both the Kern Building and the Knowledge Commons at Penn State’s University Park Campus.