We are pleased to announce that the theme of the 2012 Media Commons Tailgate will be Rediscovering Our Roots.

As in years past, we want to make this year’s Tailgate as an opportunity to connect with colleagues, clients and friends from across the state. But we also want to have a conversation about your experiences with Media Commons.  Some examples of questions about which we hope to have a dialogue:

  • What services are most valuable to you, to your students and to your projects?  
  • What resources are you employing in your teaching and learning now?
  • On which trends that interest you should Media Commons be focusing in the future?

Most of all, we hope to take an introspective look at why it is that we do what we do – and how to get better at it.

Our goal at Tailgate 2012 is to celebrate successes in educating through multimedia, get hands on by workshopping ideas for improving real assignments, explore how creative media projects enhance learning and preview techniques and technologies for that promise to increase engagement.

Be a part of the conversation!  Join us on October 13th to add your voice to the discussion and help us rediscover our roots at Media Commons Tailgate 2012.

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