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Want to attend Tailgate this year but can’t get to University Park? Why not tune into our Live sessions from your campus?

Last year, Media Commons broadcast select breakout sessions from Tailgate 2012 to tailgate.tlt.psu.edu/live for those who were unable to join for the event.  We really enjoyed the opportunity this provided us to extend the reach of the conference and, for Tailgate 2013, we decided to take it a step further:  Commonwealth Campus Tailgate: Live gatherings!

Sound good?  If you are interested in taking part, here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Contact your campus consultant and let them know you want to take part.
  • Schedule a room on campus with a projector and solid internet connection where participants can watch (and eat*).
  • Choose a point person to man the broadcast computer on Friday, October 4th – could be a student worker, attendee, etc.
  • Visit tailgate.tlt.psu.edu/live during any session (schedule online soon) to tune in.  No special software or accounts required.

It’s all pretty simple and we think it will be a great way for interested faculty and staff across the state to listen in on what others are doing with media projects in their classrooms and beyond – without the need to travel!  We are already making plans with several locations to offer these events and will be posting confirmed campus information as it becomes available.  Registration forms for the sessions will follow shortly thereafter.

We do, of course, hope that as many folks as possible can make the trip to attend Tailgate in person and we will, as always, provide travel assistance to those who need it.  Just contact rlw32@psu.edu for more info.

* While not required, we would love to provide meals to remote Tailgate attendees and will work with you to schedule this with local campus catering.

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