Lori HepnerMedia Commons is excited to announce that the keynote speaker for Tailgate 2013 will be Lori Hepner, Associate Professor of Integrative Arts at Greater Allegheny.  In addition to her teaching, Hepner is also a  professional artist who has exhibited her work in spaces around the world.  Her teaching and art both bridge photographic interests with interactive digital technology, video installations, performance pieces and current technologies that are used for both still, time based, and interactive works.

Here’s the description for the upcoming keynote presentation on Friday, October 4th:

We live a great portion of our lives in the online world. While doing so, we are continuously being tracked; our online identities categorized and sorted into the buckets of Big Data at all possible points. Facebook, Google and Apple, attempt to get as much usage data from each one of us as is possible. Our anonymous identities become unique data portraits, just as much as our tweets and status updates, which are conscious, identify forming activities that we author to reflect our social selves. There are positive moments that point toward new possibilities for our digital selves within this evolving digital landscape, we just need to help create and share those places as the digital marches forward toward what we can imagine for it.

To learn more about Lori Hepner, visit her portfolio site and take a look at her 2009 TEDxLeadershipPittsburgh talk.  Be sure to also check out the rest of the Tailgate 2013 Schedule and then Register for the event!

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